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Lucy Tiffney

Lucy Tiffney and Sofa ComThe designs for the fabrics for were very much inspired by my popular hand painted botanicals and my colourful wallpaper collections. I was approached by to do the collaboration and I was so excited. I loved the idea of seeing my designs on fabrics for furniture and new that the quality and would be outstanding and I already loved there furniture/products.

I love the fact that people can add a hit of botanical/tropical pattern and colour to a scheme with either a piece of furniture covered in my fabric and/or a few scatter cushions in the same patterned or a different fabric. The whole collection can be mixed and matched. No matter how pared back a scheme is the fabrics on furniture will add a new focus, sense of interest and fun…. Always fun.

The designs will create a bold sense of interest in any interior.

The botanical and tropical trend is still very popular and my prediction is that this will continue for a long time yet
I think nearly all the furniture designs will suit the fabrics. I love the idea of them covering the more traditional sofas and chairs like the Bluebell collection as well as the more contemporary shapes of ‘Freddie’ and ‘Minnie’.
I see people covering a sofa or chair in one of the fabrics – instantly adding a shot of colour and pattern and fun. They will work equally well in homes of people who love pattern but also for people who are a bit more nervous of it and want to add it in small doses with a single piece of furniture or a cushion. I love the fact that the fabrics will add another dimension to a scheme – bringing colour, texture and a tropical vibe!